The ISCD Facility Accreditation Program (FAP) comes about from over 20 years of educating and advocating for QUALITY in the field of skeletal health assessment. We are the premier and ONLY accrediting body in this field.

Our DXA Accreditation Program brings together all the components of quality output within a facility. Through FAP, your facility’s DXA Personnel, DXA Equipment Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC), Scan Acquisition and Analysis and Scan Interpretation and Reporting will be evaluated. These four core areas, known as the four essential elements, are critical to providing quality DXA service. Through evaluation of documents submitted and satisfactory completion of the program, facilities become eligible for a five year accreditation.

Once accredited, your facility will be recognized by patients, peers and the community as obtaining an impressive achievement in the field of quality skeletal health assessment.

Applying for Accreditation

Program Requirements

Why Accredit?

  • Third party verification that facility is compliant with current quality standards
  • Provides seal of accreditation for facility usage
  • Improves accuracy and precision of data collection, acquisition and reporting