Program Requirements

The New and Improved ISCD Facility Accreditation Program (FAP) is a practice-based assessment of facilities that perform and report bone densitometry measurements in clinical settings. To be accredited, facilities must complete a self-assessment application which documents performance objectives. These objectives include four core areas known as the four essential elements, which are critical to providing quality DXA service. The Essential Elements are listed below:

  • DXA Personnel
  • DXA Equipment Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)
  • Scan Acquisition and Analysis
  • Scan Interpretation and Reporting

Why accredit your facility? The ISCD Facility Accreditation Program:

  • Protects and reassures the public that clinicians and technologists meet standards for quality patient assessment based on current scientific knowledge;
  • Enhances standardization and improves accuracy and precision by requiring a uniform approach to nomenclature, data collection, acquisition, analysis and reporting; and
  • Verifies to payers that quality standards are in place.

Bone Densitometry facilities currently eligible for this program are DXA scanner installations in the United States of America, located in hospitals, medical clinics, private medical offices, research facilities (capable of generating DXA reports), mobile DXA centers, and free-standing imaging centers that perform DXA of the spine, hip, and forearm in human subjects for diagnosis, fracture risk assessment and monitoring. Accreditation in additional skeletal assessment methods and expansion to countries is anticipated, but not available at this time.

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