To become accredited, facilities must meet established criteria as defined by the FAP Committee and within associated documents. Facilities must also sign a Facility Accreditation Agreement with the ISCD.

Please submit all documents on the checklist (follow the instructions found on each form):

Source documents for the ISCD Densitometry Facility Accreditation Program and The Essential Elements are located on the ISCD Official Positions page and within our ISCD Bone Densitometry Course Syllabi (available for purchase only).

The ISCD Facility Accreditation Program (FAP) Committee has the responsibility of overseeing all aspects of ISCD facility accreditation. Our mission is to advance excellence in the assessment of skeletal health. By demonstrating satisfactory completion of the ISCD Facility Accreditation Program, accredited facilities can assure patients, health care providers, regulatory bodies and others that the facility meets standards for the practice of bone densitometry.

The FAP Committee will review each application based on review conducted by trained Assessors and the submitted application documents. FAP Committee can either approve a facility for accreditation or decline accreditation.

Accreditation Application Process:

  1. Facility submits application/payment
  2. Accreditation Manager verifies receipt of all necessary items and assigns Assessors
  3. Assessors return graded application to Accreditation Manager
  4. FAP Committee decides

The current fees for Facility Accreditation are based on the number of DXA scanners the facility operates:

Number of DXA Scanners Fee for Accreditation
1-3 $1000
4-9 $1500
10 or more $2000

Appeals: Facilities who are declined accreditation may submit a request for reconsideration by the FAP committee. Such request may include additional information or clarification to address insufficiencies noted. The FAP committee will review all requests for reconsideration and communicate decision and rationale for decision to facility once reached. Should FAP committee again decline to accredit facility, the facility can appeal the decision to the ISCD Executive Committee.

All requests for reconsideration and appeals are handled in writing.

The FAP committee, or Executive Committee, at their sole discretion, may request participation by facility in person or by letter/mail/email/conference/video call to clarify issues.

All requests for reconsideration and/or appeals to Executive committee must be made in writing within 15 days of negative decision or reconsideration decision, as applicable.

Term of Accreditation: The term of accreditation is five years from facility accreditation committee approval.

Contact: Assistant Executive Director
Phone: 860.259.1000
Fax: 860.259.1030