Other Calculators

We provide the following Fracture Risk Calculators for those involved in the clinical practice of bone densitometry, skeletal health assessment, and fracture reduction. Listing does not imply endorsement by ISCD and we make no statements as the scientific validity or usefulness of any of the below listed risk calculators.

Other information on Fracture Risk Models can be found in additional resources.

CAROC – Canadian Association of Radiologists and Osteoporosis Canada Risk Assessment Tool – http://www.osteoporosis.ca/multimedia/pdf/CAROC.pdf

FORE – The FORE 10-Year Fracture Risk Calculator (FORE FRC) estimates 10-year fracture risk for postmenopausal women and men age 45 and older who are not receiving treatment for osteoporosis – https://riskcalculator.fore.org/default.aspx

Garvan – This Fracture Risk Calculator was developed using data collected in the internationally renowned Dubbo Osteoporosis Epidemiology Study conducted by the Bone and Mineral Research Program of Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research. – http://www.garvan.org.au/bone-fracture-risk

Osteoporosis Canada 10 Year Fracture Risk Assessment – Online Calculator – https://www.osteoporosis.ca/multimedia/FractureRiskTool/index.html

If you have a Fracture Risk Calculator you would like considered for posting; please contact iscd@iscd.org. All requests will be reviewed and must be approved prior to inclusion on the listing.