Maintenance of Certification

The Maintenance of Certification program was introduced by ISCD on January 1, 2015. Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is an opportunity developed by the ISCD to streamline the requirements of recertification; track continuing education credits earned towards recertification and provide educational programs to meet the continuing education requirements. MOC is a benefit for Professional and Full ISCD Memberships and requires no additional fees.  Non-members are automatically enrolled in the MOC program upon passing the Certification exam and need to pay the annual MOC fee. Staying current with the MOC program will eliminate the need to re-take and pass the certification exam.

ISCD Purpose Statement for Recertification

Maintenance of Certification Annual Fees

DesignationFull & Professional MemberCommunity & Non-Member
CBDT Maintenance of Certification (MOC)Included in Membership$100
CCD Maintenance of Certification (MOC)Included in Membership$125


The competency-based recertification process is intended to assist practitioners with increasing their skills, knowledge, and competence while also ensuring compliance with the Code of Ethics. The recertification process does not, however, warrant or guarantee a competency, accuracy, or any particular service result, but, rather, participation in the process helps demonstrate the practitioner’s commitment to providing the highest densitometry services through continuous education and professional development.

The ISCD acknowledges that not all sources or types of continuing education contribute equally to professional development. To maximize the quality and relevance of continuing education earned by certificants, ISCD provides a list of approved activity types to ensure quality continuing education activities that are relevant to their jobs and directly tied to the examination content outline.

What are the benefits of MOC?

  • MOC provides you with access to ISCD online education to meet your continuing education requirements. ISCD encourages you to complete at least seven (7) credits each year to maintain your certification with ease.
  • CBDT and CCD are a 5-year certification requiring 35 hours of continuing education in the field of skeletal health.
  • Your recertification will automatically take effect on your anniversary date, provided that you have obtained 35 CE/CME credits, your annual ISCD Membership is current, or your annual MOC agreement is in good standing.
  • If your ISCD Membership or your MOC agreement lapses at any point during the certification period, you will need to sit for the certification exam.

How does the MOC program work for you?

If you are currently certified…

  • And, a Full or Professional level member of ISCD, the MOC program is included as a member benefit with no additional charge beyond your annual membership fee. Be sure your ISCD membership is kept current! This automatically enrolls you in the MOC program.
  • Or, if you do NOT wish to be an ISCD Member, you will automatically be enrolled in MOC for the first year after successfully passing the exam and will then need to pay MOC dues annually.

If you want to become certified…

  • Candidates for both the CCD and the CBDT must complete an application to sit for the exam.
  • Once eligibility is determined, you are eligible to sit for the certification exam.
  • Once you pass the exam, your CCD or CBDT certification is valid for a period of five years. Full and Professional level ISCD Members are automatically enrolled in the MOC program, with no additional charge beyond your annual membership fee. Non-members will be enrolled in MOC for the first year after successfully passing the exam and then need to pay the MOC dues annually.